List of Bulb and Stem Vegetables

A list of Bulb Vegetables.

Bulb vegetables are grown from edible bulbs, Stem vegetables mean it’s the stem or stalk of the vegetable that we eat. Often we would eat both the bulb and the stems of these plants.


Only young asparagus shoots are eaten, once the buds start to open (ferning out) the shoots become woody.


Celery is combined with onions and carrot to create Mirepoix, a classic Fench recipe for many stocks and sauces.


Although Celeriac is mainly grown for it’s roots, the hollow stalk of the upper plant is sometimes cut into drinking straw lengths, rinsed, and used in the serving of tomato-based drinks such as the Bloody Mary cocktail.


The parts of the leek that we eat are the white onion base and light green stalk. The dark green part of the leaves are usually discarded since they have less flavour.

Wild Leek

Is very similar to a Spring Onion in shape but differs on flavour, the Wild Leek tastes somewhat of garlic.


Is used all over the world to flavour and enhance food, garlic has also been used for medicinal purposes throughout history.

Florence Fennel

Has a strong anise scent and flavour, fennel is used as vegetable (raw or cooked) and to flavour soups, stocks and sauces.

Lotus Root

The roots of the plant are eaten, mainly in India and the far east.

The distinctive dried seed heads, which resemble shower heads, are widely sold throughout the world for decorative purposes and for dried flower arranging.


The widely used onion is also known as the bulb onion, and common onion. Onions are essential in the preparation of a huge variety of dishes, including currys, stocks, sauces.


Used in very similar ways to the onion although a lot more delicate in flavour. Shallots are especially good used raw in sauces and salads, where the use of an onion would overpower the flavour of the dish.

Spring Onion (Scallion)

Spring onions are used in a variety of different ways. Their more delicate flavour and crunchy texture lend then to be used in salads and stir fry’s.


Widely used in Mexico, Nopales are a vegetable made from the young pad segments of the prickly pear, carefully peeled to remove the spines.


Kurrat are grown for their leaves and are closely related to the leek. The juice of the plant is used as a moth repellent. The whole plant is said to repel insects and moles.


Also known as the German Turnip, is a member of the cabbage family and is favoured as it will grow almost anywhere.

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